What do you need to know about EPDM?

  • Its full name is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
  • It consists of 100% cured synthetic rubber
  • It is available in black or white
  • It has been used worldwide since its invention in 1980

EPDM is the perfect choice of material for any new flat roof project or rubber roofing project. EPDM continues to enjoy outstanding reviews and a worldwide reputation, which helps to explain why it is such a leading choice for our flat roofs.

What are the benefits of EPDM Firestone roofing?

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Can last up to 30 years
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Cost-effective roofing material

Choose EPDM Firestone roofing for the following applications

  • Garage roofs
  • Flat roofing replacement
  • Property extensions
  • All flat roof surfaces

Which is best – EPDM or GRP?

The popularity of both EPDM and GRP as roofing solutions in recent years has led to many questioning which of these two highly rated options best suits their particular premises.

While GRP certainly has its advantages, including low weight, good vandalism resistance and a long lifespan, EPDM offers many of the same benefits while also being quicker to install, which helps to minimise the costs of fitting it.

EPDM is also much more flexible than GRP, with a membrane capable of considerable elongation without cracking, thereby allowing for building movement over time. By contrast, GRP roofs only allow for a very small amount of expansion and contraction, so are much more susceptible to cracking due to building movement.